It strengthens your tendons and ligaments and it will also curb your appetite. If you have a BMI which stands for Body Mass Index of 25-29 or higher, you could be in some physical danger. It you can just set aside 20 minutes to an hour each day to go walking, your health will greatly improve. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world die each year from some form of illness related to being overweight.

One of the main factors of obesity is eating more food than you are burning off with exercise, and this is generally caused by a slow body metabolism.If you are overweight you are inviting yourself to a myriad of health issues, if not now then down the road. I stopped everything I was doing and just started walking everywhere, and within 3 weeks I was feeling great and wasn't Door hinge breathing heavy anymore.


Also if you're not making a daily effort to be active and are sedentary all the time.

Over 25 percent of people in the United States are overweight. However it's just genetic with others, because they tend to digest their food slower than other people do. The main thing is to keep a positive attitude and stay as active as you can. People are learning the hard way that being overweight can kill you, or destroy your life, whether it be by a heart attack or stroke which are the most common. Also when someone is over weight, they will usually suffer from low self esteem usually be the media and their co-workers. If you only have a few items to pick up from the grocery store consider walking instead of hopping in your car to get there. Being lazy can turn into a negative cycle, and can diminish your health faster than it should be. And unfortunately many people shy away from obese people because they think they have other hidden agendas and even mental problems. This isn't necessarily their fault, but there are things everyone can do to improve their situation. I used to remember breathing heavily a few years ago. When an excessive amount of fat aggregates in certain areas this causes someone to become obese. The more active you are, the better off your health will be. The more walking you do the better off you'll be. On top of this, overweight people usually have terrible sleeping habits and have trouble breathing.

Going to a gym is fine but it's not really necessary. In most cases you need to just learn to change your habits